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Your home is more than a house it's a home and a place for a family to grow and memories to be made. We understand that it's so much more than a roof and walls, it's where your lives are lived and we believe you deserve the best. A growing family or your children leaving and starting their own lives can change the needs of your home from a big addition to expanding your outdoor living space. Whatever the project, whatever the reason, we're here to work with you to achieve those goals and make your new dreams for your home a reality.

Why Triangle Construction?

Your project, no matter the size or scope, deserves our utmost attention. This drives everything we do and touches every aspect of your project - Budget, Deadlines, Quality, and Safety.

It sounds obvious, but old school craftsmanship and genuine quality keep our past clients coming back to us.

Quality comes first as well as a passion for building. No project is completed as "good enough". We take pride in our work and it shows.

OUR Services

Many of our clients wish to remain in their neighborhood but need a house that better meets the needs of a changing family. We can provide an evaluation and preliminary cost estimates to help decide which approach will provide the most cost-effective solution to achieving a "New" house.



Modifying an existing house is a great way to grow upon what works (sound basic structure, location, etc.), and fix what doesn't (size, floor plan, efficiency, façade, etc.) We can perform renovations which integrate seamlessly with the original house, or, more often we build additional space in conjunction with comprehensive updating of all systems and finishes to create a house which bears little resemblance to the original.
We can bring all the needed expertise such as surveyors and civil engineers, structural engineers, and other consultants, to assess the current house and help in the planning of modifications.


New Construction

Triangle-Construction NC can work from plans you have already acquired, ready to build. We can work with conceptual or stock plans and refine and develop the detailed plan and construction documents, or we can start from scratch and provide a completely custom plan.
Regardless of the type of project, Triangle-Construction NC strives to provide high-quality design and construction services to create a home which is practical, efficient, durable, and rewarding.


Outdoor Living Projects

A lot of projects spill out to the outdoors, and we've got you covered. From decks & patios to fireplaces and even kitchens then topping everything off with beautiful landscaping that complements your new outdoor room and brings it all together.
Many homeowners place a special value on having a space at home where they can retreat, relax, entertain friends and enjoy a taste of luxury. Beautiful outdoor living environments are the perfect answer and Triangle-Construction NC can design and build the outdoor living space that you have always dreamed of.

OUR Design & Build Process

TCNC practices a complete planning system that enables us to know all fixtures, appliances, and materials prior to lifting a finger in construction. We spend a considerable amount of time planning out every aspect of your project, including the budget, the schedule, and meticulous design that is both aesthetically beautiful and fits the needs of your specific lifestyle. We complete this through a design-build method of running our business.

What Our Clients Say...

"Wow, The results are incredible!"

"The outcome was better than we had even hoped.
At first it seemed like the job would take forever but suddenly it all just came together and it is Beautiful!"
Wil Henry

"Dave is a highly professional general contractor which is reflected greatly in his work. He guarantees 100% Client satisfaction and has never done any less with us. The pictures speak for themselves. Always hire Dave and you'll never be disappointed; the job will always be done right."

Lidia G., Client

"Dave is a rock star in the remodeling world. Great to work with, exceptional at his craft, and an honest, get down to business work ethic. He knows how to get the most out of any budget. And above all, you can trust him. We will call on him again without hesitation. Thanks again for our beautiful master bath, Dave! A happy wife is a happy life."

Vincent Burkhead, Client

"TCNC offers great products to fit your budget. They are very knowledgeable about the products they offer and their work style is great from start to finish. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value"

Sebastian S., Client

"We had an addition put on our house about 20 years ago. As a result, many walls and ceilings had some major settling cracks. We hired TCNC recently to repair the cracks, fill them, spackle, prime, and paint the areas needed. Their crew did a fabulous job. You can never tell the cracks were there and the ceiling in the dining room was especially noticeably well done. I believe they are perfectionists and take great pride in their work. I would highly recommend them to do any work around your house"

Gloria Williams, Client

"Dear Dave, I hope this letter finds you and your family well. It is not often that I write letters of thanks to companies or people that I have done business with. It is however, with great enthusiasm that I write this letter after dealing with your company and your employees. Whether I speak about the new flooring you installed, the deck, the painting or the title work in the bathroom, everything was done professionally, courteously and at a fair price.
I would recommend your services to anyone that needs home improvements of any kind. I look forward to a long relationship with you and your company. Keep up the good work."

Andrew K., Client


TCNC is a licensed general contractor and is bonded and insured.
Contact us if you need advice, guidance or assistance in making your home improvement dream a reality.

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